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Water that you used for drinking and bathing in your commercial property, travels into your business through water lines. When the water lines malfunction and water flows in the opposite direction, it is known as backflow. Backflow is water that has already circulated through your building. It may be contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, feces, and other materials hazardous to your health.

A properly installed, inspected and maintained backflow prevention device protects your business water from being contaminated with backflow.

Our expert plumbing technicians can handle all your backflow prevention device needs from installation to repairs, testing and more.

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What Is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water from the undesirable reversal of contaminated water that could occur if there is a significant drop in water pressure in your business plumbing system, such as from a broken water main, frozen pipes in wintertime, or the opening of several fire hydrants. Backflow prevention devices are most commonly installed at cross connections where potable water systems and non-potable water systems meet, such as dishwashers, as well as the connection of fire sprinkler systems to water main lines. Due to their many moving parts and importance to adherence to municipal health codes, these systems must be periodically tested and maintained to ensure their proper operation.

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