Septic Sewer Line Repair Replacement

Best guarantee in the business

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your sewer service line out to your property line. You’re also liable for any injuries that happen on your property. If the time has come to replace your sewer lines, make sure you choose Pendergrass Holder Plumbing. We are experts in trenching and shoring.

The older your home is, the more likely it is to have fragile, outdated clay pipes running out to the sewer system, which are notorious for breaking down and backing up. Even cast iron pipes are more susceptible to cracks, blockages, collapses or root intrusion than modern PVC pipes. Pendergrass Holder Plumbing uses quality schedule 40 PVC pipes when replacing broken or backed up sewer lines.

Signs of a sewer problem are tough to miss, including frequent backups or a sewer gas smell. Spare yourself the headache of frequent backups, constant augering, and emergency repairs. Schedule a sewer line replacement to take care of the problem permanently.

Not sure if your pipes need to be replaced or just cleaned out? We offer free second opinions. We perform a video pipe inspection using fiber optic cameras before scheduling a sewer line replacement. That way, you can be sure there is a real problem, and we’ll know exactly where it is in the pipe. We’ll show you the extent of the damage or blockage, and give you our expert opinion on the likelihood of frequent problems in the future.

If you do want your pipes cleaned instead of replaced, we offer the best guarantee in the industry. We can’t guarantee your pipes won’t get blocked again (even our talented techs can’t control the shifting of soil or the growth of tree roots.) If it does get blocked again, we’ll clean it for free.

Pendergrass Holder Plumbing can safely and quickly replace sewer lines according to code for your area. We have the experience, equipment and skills to replace your broken or blocked sewer lines. Don’t wait until your current sewer line problem becomes a recurring nightmare.

Contact us to assess your sewer lines so we can help you decide if a sewer line replacement is the right choice.

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