Shut-off Valve Repair

Contain the problem until the job is done

You shouldn't need to turn off the water for your entire house just to work on a leaky faucet or install a new shower head. Installing shut-off valves can prevent that problem.

On the other hand, if your existing shut-off valves are leaking, you can also call us to repair or replace them and fix the leak.

Residential toilets or faucets are typically installed with shut-off valves, also sometimes known as angle stops. These valves can be found behind the toilet, and each sink in your house typically will have two shutoff valves, to allow for the hot or cold water to be shut-off separately. Other plumbing fixtures such as washing machines sometimes also have shut-off valves as well.

Most shut-off valves are screwed on, although some are soldered directly to the pipe. All shut-off valves have compression fittings for connection to the fixture. It is not unusual for a shut-off valve to leak due to corrosion. A defective shut-off valve is much more uncommon, but this does sometimes occur.

If you notice leaking around a shut-off valve in your home, it's important to repair it quickly, as water damage can occur otherwise.

Contact us and we will inspect the valve and determine if it needs replacement, or simply a new washer or other adjustment.

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