Trenchless Water Line Repair

We can repair your water or sewer lnes without digging

Trenchless Pipe Technology – Cured In Place Pipelining – Point Repairs – Pipe Bursting

It’s Like We Were Never There!

Pendergrass Holder Plumbing is your water line repair expert. With our trenchless no dig pipe repair technology so we can repair water line damage without having to dig up your landscaping, driveway, etc.

We use the latest in video technology to see inside the damaged water line. This allows us to be able to diagnosis your water line problem without having to dig up your yard. We will review the video with you so that you will know the source of the problem and make a well-educated diagnosis.

Horizontal drilling is a trenchless method of underground pipe installation. Horizontal boring machines drill a pilot hole which is able to enter and exit at predetermined locations and even change direction to avoid underground obstructions and preexisting lines. From this pilot hole, a new water line can be established without a preexisting line – allowing for completely underground installation without the mess or expense of trenching!

You don’t have to worry about the added expense of having to replace your driveway or landscaping. And it is quick compared to traditional methods. The material used to reline the pipe is high-quality and durable – it is designed to withstand corrosion and tree root invasion.

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